The compilation "Godz of Hip Hop" is the first of a planned series of CD’s taken directly from the original master recordings from the legendary 1980’s Nia Record Label, founded by Taharqa and Tunde Ra Aleem in 1979. While Nia was extremely successful in selling its product it never had national distribution or promotion and for this reason many of its hit records are unknown to the far greater audience that exists today. It is for this reason that Nia Disc Limited, the Aleem brother’s newly launched record label, has decided to re-release this first group of influential singles under the title of “Godz of Hip-Hop/ Masters of the Butta Beats”.

This is first time since their original release in the early 1980’s that these recordings will be readily available outside of rare record collector circles. We at Nia Disc are sure they will inspire a new generation of listeners to appreciate the important position these artists and Nia Records maintain in the development of urban street sounds.


Founded by Taharqa and Tunde Ra Aleem in 1979, its first release was “Hooked On Your Love”, written, produced and performed by the Aleem Twins. It was an instant success selling in excess of 100,000 units that were marketed by the independent distribution organization the Aleems instituted. That 12” single was followed up by another Aleem effort, “Release Yourself”, which sold almost 250,000. These two hits propelled the brothers and their NIA label into the forefront of a new music style, called hip-hop.

These sales numbers were remarkable for the time period as hip-hop was still virtually unknown and Nia was independently distributed and promoted and this type of success was virtually unknown for an independent label. Over the course of the next 6 years NIA became synonymous with rap and hip-hop and it is not surprising that many NIA artists went on to become mainstream artists, writers, producers, and even music business executives.

NIA Disc, their new record label, continues the legacy inherited from its older namesake. The Aleems and their uncanny ability to pick talent are the center of this company and already the brothers are in the process of lining up an impressive collection of new artists. To help launch Nia Disc, the Aleems have put together a compilation CD entitled “Godz of Hip-Hop”/ “Masters of the Butta Beats”. This re-release of a group of hits from the Nia Records catalog will re-introduce some of the “old-school” rappers that gained fame during the label’s golden age. These songs have long been unavailable in the general market and their release at this time will be welcomed by today’s new and expanded market for rap and hip-hop.